I am still publishing stuff for Gawker, it is just now on Gizmodo. And you can find me every day on Hollywood.com and weekly on Vice.com. I'm EVERYWHERE! » 8/14/12 4:12pm 8/14/12 4:12pm

Which Actress' Fiance Is Already Sleeping Around?

This recently-engaged actress might be pissed when she finds out her new husband-to-be has more than one piece on the side. This actor is falling back into bad habits and this actress neglects her children. Can no one stay faithful anymore? » 3/13/12 10:09am 3/13/12 10:09am

Which Tween Actress Terrorized her Costar with Flagrant Sexual Displays?

This young actress hated her uptight diva costar so much she'd have loud sex on the set to upset her. This couple was a PR set up, but now she's pregnant. This actor got in trouble for getting too hot and heavy with a costar during a sex scene together. Sounds like everyone on set is angry all the time! » 3/12/12 5:10pm 3/12/12 5:10pm

Jersey Shore: Guidos in the Wilderness

During the greatest sociological experiment of our time, we've seen our eight subjects in their natural habitat in New Jersey, in their adopted homes of Miami and Florence, but never have we seen them actually interact with, you know, nature. There is a reason for that. » 3/09/12 2:30pm 3/09/12 2:30pm

Which Jersey Shore Star Is Going Broke to Impress an Actress?

This Jersey Shore guido is spending all his cash trying to get in good with this has-been actress that he's always had a crush on. Meanwhile, this actor has a second career as a loan shark. These two might have business together soon. » 3/09/12 12:10pm 3/09/12 12:10pm

Which Star Wears His Girlfriend's Underwear?

This teen sensation gets off wearing his famous girlfriend's lingerie under his jeans. This young star had two abortions last year. These three celebs bought their own engagements and these two actors are having problems with public drunkenness. That's probably worse than private transvestism. » 3/08/12 11:29am 3/08/12 11:29am

Which Actor Is Spurning a Bisexual Star's Tawdry Advances?

This up-and-coming actor is talking to an A-list thesbian who is trying to get in our young man's pants. So far no luck. This celeb has a sex tape and this young star's mom is talking all about her daughter's sexual conquests. She has lots of luck! » 3/07/12 9:52am 3/07/12 9:52am

Which Young Star Is in a Catty Rivalry for Boys?

This tween star is always fighting with another tween star over boys. This actress has been in a string of abusive relationships and this is the worst yet, and this musician's career is being ruined by booze and drugs. Now that would be a first. » 3/06/12 11:34am 3/06/12 11:34am

Pregnant Snooki Is Also Engaged

Just like a Us Weekly cover story in super fast motion, Snooki is not only pregnant but she is also engaged. It's all the life milestones at once! Then why is she being so cagey about it? » 3/05/12 12:20pm 3/05/12 12:20pm

Which Tween Got Wasted on Booze and Blow at a Club?

Despite several trips to rehab, this young star is still hitting the substances really hard. This Hollywood tutor has been seducing his famous young charges for years. No wonder some turn to drugs. » 3/05/12 11:34am 3/05/12 11:34am

Jersey Shore: The End of Smush

Something serious and sad is threatening the greatest sociological experiment of our time: couples. Yes, it seems like everyone is paired up and Snooki is even expecting Jersey Shore's first virgin birth. Haha. Just kidding. Snooki's no virgin. And Situation got Vinny pregnant when he touched the smush bed anyway.… » 3/02/12 2:30pm 3/02/12 2:30pm

Which Actor Had a Hilarious Altercation with the Cops?

This comedian got out of a speeding ticket by making a rather funny joke at the cop's expense. This actress was abused as a child and now likes when her boyfriends get rough. That's no laughing matter. » 3/02/12 12:57pm 3/02/12 12:57pm

Jason Segel Is Too Good for the Muppet Sequel

Jason Segel, the sitcom star who is just dying to make it big in the movies, luuurrrrvved The Muppets so much that he convinced Disney to bring the franchise back and cowrote their recent movie. But now that he's popular in Hollywood he's too big for the Muppet's planned sequel. » 3/01/12 12:59pm 3/01/12 12:59pm

Which Diva Had a Nightclub Freak Out?

This award-winning performer went crazy on the DJ at a club for playing a disco remix of one of her departed friend's songs. These married (not to each other) celebs, who had an affair in the past, are planning a project so they can get together again. This A-lister never learned his driver's name. That sounds par for… » 3/01/12 11:40am 3/01/12 11:40am

The Avengers: Don't Fuck This Up

There's a bigger, better, badder trailer for Marvel's summer tentpole The Avengers. It looks good. It looks so good that every comic book nerd out there (myself included) is popping a tentpole. But the real questions is, will they fuck it up? » 2/29/12 2:18pm 2/29/12 2:18pm

Which Two Actors Both Have Problems Getting It Up?

This Oscar winner blames an on-set injury for why he can't please ladies in bed and another actor had a week-long sex romp with a Real Housewife, but was too stoned to get hard. This friend of Whitney's is back on the drugs and this actress is offering to sleep with directors for work. Let's hope some of the takers… » 2/29/12 1:32pm 2/29/12 1:32pm

Davy Jones, Monkee and Dream Boat, Dead at 66

Davy Jones, the dreamy British member of manufactured Beatles rip-off The Monkees, died from a heart attack this morning at his home in Florida. He was 66 years old. » 2/29/12 1:23pm 2/29/12 1:23pm

Which Celeb Cried After Drunk Dialing Her Ex at an Oscar Party?

This star ruined an Oscar party when she drunk dialed her recent ex and found out he was with another woman. This celeb hates his famous brother-in-law, this couple has really loud sex on set, and this tween got busy under a table at an Oscar party. Maybe that is what our first star was crying about. » 2/28/12 11:53am 2/28/12 11:53am